Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Student Samples Demonstrating Communication Competency

Summarizing Projects:

Reflective Thinking:
Encouraging Other Students to take action:
Presenting the Northern Learning Centre Choice Program to Others:

A Brilliant Hook
  • We often start a class after a break with a catch up activity, or some kind of icebreaker. A few times now we’ve asked students to summarize their time off in three words. Once the presenter has shared a volunteer is randomly selected from the audience to ask a question based on the three words. Most students use a combination of adjectives to describe various activities and events. One student in particular has mastered the hook. His face was full of enthusiasm as he shared that he had had the “best weekend ever!” Every student in the room was filled with curiosity and almost competing to be the one to question him further. The explanation that followed did not disappoint.

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