Saturday, April 12, 2014

What we learned from Collaboration with Grade 3 students

Photo by Midiman:
"Maybe they are the role models" said one of our Grade 9 students about the Grade 3 students he had met, and he wasn't kidding. We collaborated with a grade 3 class recently to share our inquiry into space and space exploration. Their passionate engagement in their learning left a significant impression on our grade 9 students.

When our teens were asked what they liked about their time with the younger students they said again and again they were impressed by the depth of their knowledge on the planets they'd been studying. All the students were excited to share facts about their planets, and many we're making effective comparisons to put their knowledge in context. The grade 9's also really liked how eager the younger students were to share their learning. The primary class approached their learning with a sincere curiosity, a genuine interest, a readiness to learn and a deep sense of pride in their work. The effects were tangible. We work hard to create learning opportunities for our students that are full of wonder and engagement, but somehow with age and experience we become more selective about our preferred conditions for learning. Who better to remind us to let go and enjoy the ride then a young group of expert learners! Thanks for the lesson young ones, don't let anything get in the way of that curiousity and wonder. 

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