Monday, February 6, 2012

Introducing Students to 21st Century Learning

  • writers workshops
  • start with activities on interpersonal communication
  • who are you as a learner quizzes and activities (demonstrate various ways of learning)
  • big emphasis on organizing information: begin with a series of mini lessons where students read various kinds of information (Socials, Science, Math) and decide what kind of graphic organizer to use to summarize the information (use Microsoft Smart Art)
  • There are lots of C's tossed around in 21st Century Learning, and the more I get to know them the more I appreciate how these skills can and should take centre stage in a 21st century curriculum: 
    • This article from the BCTF outlines them and explains some of the context behind their inception. Here are BC's 7 C's
      • Critical thinking and problem solving,
      • Creativity and innovation,
      • Collaboration, teamwork and leadership,
      • Cross-cultural understanding,
      • Communications, computing and ICT literacy,
      • Career and learning self-reliance, and
      • Caring for personal health and planet earth.

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