Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PBL Learning Team

Wordle: Questions about Project Based Learning

A group of Teachers met today at Kelly Road to discuss Project Based Learning. We've ordered BIE's PBL Starter Kit as a resources and will be working through that together as a way to inform and evaluate our practice. We've also started a blog dedicated exclusively to the group. Its online here

One of the things we did was share our questions. Here's what we came up with:

  • What questions do we have?
    • How does PBL work?
    • How does PBL benefit our students?
      • motivation
      • engagement
      • success
      • building core competencies (thinking, communicating, personal and social competency)
      • Definition of “The Educated Citizen” (we heard this recently and understand its in the BC school regulations, but do not know where)
        • literacy and numeracy foundations
        • understanding rich content
        • core competencies
    • How do we cover curriculum through PBL?
    • What is “true PBL”, is there “true PBL”?
    • How much information is required before students jump in?
    • How much Teacher Direction/ Guidance is needed?
      • How do we facilitate and let students drive?
      • What role do driving questions play?
      • How do we come up with really good driving questions?
      • What skills and experiences do students bring to projects?
    • How do different disciplines come together in projects?

We agreed its the highlighted questions that matter most. Its the difference this way of learning makes in the lives of our students that matters most. We want to be intentional about evaluating our practice based on the difference it makes for students. We are excited to be learning together!

What questions do you have about PBL?

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